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“I have been a client of Donald’s since 2005. Admittedly, due to my busy career I was rather sporadic in my appointments for the first several years, but my priorities have changed. Not only does Donald take excellent care of my feet, I look forward to the hour of ‘me’ time. My 90-year old mother (who still lives independently) recently expressed that she needed a specialist to cut her toe nails. Upon looking at her feet (after the initial reaction of surprise and guilt), I knew that there was only one person that I would trust with her care. After only two visits, her feet and toe nails have improved dramatically and she is walking without pain. Plus she enjoys her visits with Donald! He is simply the best.”

- Gunta J. Liders



"I stand on my feet about 12 hours a day, 5 day a week, and am an avid hiker on the weekends. This has been the norm for almost 40 years. A long time ago, I realized that I should take care of my feet. Although a size 12, they hold up a lot of weight and take a beating. Donald is the best in his field: If you want someone to pamper and truly take care of your feet and nails, he is the ONE!! No fungus, no nail problems, no dryness. He uses the best products and is always on the cutting edge (no pun intended)."

- Harry Bruno

European Pedicure, Pedicure, Manicure, Rochester, Rochester Pedicure, Rochester manicure, Rochester NY pedicure, Rochester NY manicure
European Pedicure, Pedicure, Manicure, Rochester, Rochester Pedicure, Rochester manicure, Rochester NY pedicure, Rochester NY manicure
"When I have an opportunity to make a change for the better in my life, I seize the moment. I have listened and learned from Donald. His extensive training allows him to provide advice that when used routinely improves the condition of my feet. I always leave with a smile on my face, a new piece of knowledge to ponder and best of all, HAPPY FEET!"
-Linda VerPlank

“I am a professional who spends eight hours on my feet with little time to sit to rest them, so it is important to keep ‘my roots’ in good condition. My monthly visits to Donald for his expertise and the TLC he provides me gives me the fuel to get through another four weeks. He uses the most current means of sterilizing and sanitizing his equipment (autoclave); he is constantly keeping abreast with his education in Podology through webinars, classes and literature; and he provides a private and pristine environment. The facts make me to want to see Donald and recommend him to others. So my suggestion is ‘Run, Don’t Walk!’ to see Donald. And remember, ‘To Fail To Plan Is To Plan To Fail’ – Donald books up fast!”

-Max Reiter



“Since 2005, I've had the good fortune to have Donald Green take care of my feet and hands. A true professional, he brings a rare background in science to his work, and while his primary focus is on health, he also enters into the fun of choosing just the right shade of polish! Our time together provides rich conversations on wide-ranging topics from theater and books to gardening and cooking. What a joy!”

-Joanie Slater


“I scheduled a pedicure with Donald because of a referral and endorsement of his services from a skin care specialist in 2010.  I continue to see him because that endorsement was correct: Donald is excellent at what he does. He is totally professional, extremely knowledgeable, very gentle, and comfortably personable.  My troublesome feet are in much better shape due to his attention and I look forward to my regular appointments with him.  And another benefit: he makes my toes pretty.”

-Marj Smith


“I was born with problematic feet… from hard calluses to severe bunions to overlapping toes. If you can name it, my feet probably have it. So when it comes to taking care of them, I am reluctant to let just anyone work on them. When my former technician was retiring from the business, she knew I was nervous about finding someone new. Without hesitation, she recommended Donald and said he was the only specialist in the Rochester area she would trust to properly care for my feet. And she was right! It’s so much more than just a pedicure, and I am grateful for the care that Donald has given them since 2009.

-Sheree Van Vreede

European Pedicure, Pedicure, Manicure, Rochester, Rochester Pedicure, Rochester manicure, Rochester NY pedicure, Rochester NY manicure

“I’ve been a diabetic for twenty  years, and I assumed that any salon technician would know what to do look for when giving me a pedicure. That is not the case; when I moved to Rochester, I was lucky enough to have a pedicure from Donald.  His extensive knowledge about diabetic foot care and diabetes is phenomenal.  He explains what he notices and what I should be looking for, Since 2008 he’s seen changes to my feet—we were able to intervene before they became serious issues.  Besides his technical knowledge, he also has a chairside manner that is outstanding.  He genuinely cares about you, wants to know about you, etc. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

My husband has heard me rave about all Donald’s comfortable, easygoing methods for my feet and hands, so now he sees Donald too. He’s helped him with his foot problems, and now even my stepdaughter is going, too!”

-Renee and Brien Marron

"Donald has been taking care of all my nail needs since 2002; not only does he do a great manicure and pedicure, but I appreciate that he goes the extra mile to make the whole experience truly special. From the serene and inviting surroundings to the hand and foot massages during treatment and his great ‘chairside’ manner, I always look forward to a visit with Donald and consider it a welcome oasis in my hectic life. As a diabetic, it's critical that I take the best care possible of my feet and Donald doesn't just make them look pretty; he also keeps them healthy and feeling great…my doctor has even remarked on what good shape they are in. If there is such a thing as holistic nail care, Donald provides it! I would highly recommend Donald to anyone looking for a superior nail and foot care experience.”

-Beth Holliday

“In 2003 my doctor advised me that healthy feet were an essential part to my overall wellness. He recommended that I receive pedicures regularly in order to alleviate the pain caused by my severe chronic ingrown toenails. Not knowing anything about pedicures, I called some upscale spas in the Rochester area, and Donald gave me my first pedicure. I was immediately put at ease by Donald’s knowledge and expertise. He still makes it very easy to relax, be comfortable, and receive a true spa experience in a private room. I teach several group fitness classes a week which tax my feet considerably. In order to get rid of the ingrown toenail pain, Donald applied the BS Nail braces to my great toenails. After the application, I stepped down out of the chair, and was amazed to be PAIN FREE! The relief was immediate. I look forward to my monthly wellness visits, and you will too!”

-Steve Case

European Pedicure, Pedicure, Manicure, Rochester, Rochester Pedicure, Rochester manicure, Rochester NY pedicure, Rochester NY manicure

“I don’t know where I would be if not for Donald and the B/S Nail Brace System. I was looking for a non-surgical procedure to eliminate pain and sensitivity from my ingrown toenails. I began working with Donald and he performed a European style German podology pedicure to prepare my nails for the bracing system. His pedicures are an added bonus; I don’t think I can ever go back to a “substandard” pedicure. He is amazing with his attention to detail and he truly cares and educates every step of the way. My toenails are on their way to a full recovery and the nails are learning to grow properly thanks to the B/S Brace system and Donald’s tender loving care.

NO MORE PAIN!!! Thank you Donald!

-Jackie Hays-Beske


"I have been getting foot care from Donald since 2004. He is meticulous and I absolutely trust him. The German pedicures are amazing and he has extensive training that gives me comfort to know that I am in good hands. He is passionate about his work and clients. I highly recommend Donald for your next pedicure--give him a try you will be amazed."

-JoAnne Irwin



"I have to say the reason I have followed Donald since 2001 to do my pedicures is his attention to detail. I am very comfortable knowing that he follows strict guidelines in cleaning his equipment and will take the extra time needed to make sure my feet look perfect. I grew up in Texas and was a barefoot girl so the calluses on my feet build up so quickly. There is nothing like the German European Style pedicure: it has made a huge difference in the way my feet feel and look. I Just love it!"

-Lauren Salzman

“I have been a client of Donald’s since 2001 and from the first time I met him, I was impressed with his level of education, professionalism and compassion for foot and nail care. You will never encounter anyone else who has his level of expertise. He truly cares about his profession and you will be thrilled at the end of your appointment, when you see the end result of your pedicure and manicure. Isn’t that what everyone wants?”

-Jean Hassett

"Donald has been taking care of both my hands and feet since 2005. I never have to think twice about whether he'll do a good job or whether the facility is clean and disinfected. Donald is a master at his trade and I highly recommend him!"

-Paula Rogala



“I never could have imagined what a positive difference my sessions with Donald have made for my feet and my overall well-being. My difficult nails look better than ever, and with Donald's keen observation and knowledge he found a lump in my arch that got the treatment it needed. I recommend him highly. “
-Mark Roos 

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