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Frequently Asked Questions

Services and Procedures

What’s a Euro Pedi?


A Euro Pedi is short for European Style Pedicure, which uses a European methodology. It’s a pedicure that has its original roots in Germany; for over 45 years spa patrons in many parts of Europe and Canada have been enjoying this type of pedicure for its unique benefits. 


A Euro Pedi includes an electric pedicuring file with various tools, and podology bits, that accomplish many things beyond standard American pedicure practices. 



Why would I choose a European Style Pedicure?


A Euro Pedi, with its unique tooling and methodology, can benefit those with seriously dry skin that may include deep fissures or cracks on the heels and the soles of the feet; ingrown toenails, high curvature of the nails; thickening of the toe nails; excessive tough and calloused cuticles; or excessive calluses on the soles, heels, or tips of the toes.

Why does the technician use an electric pedicuring file?


The electric file utilizes special rotary bits that are versatile, safe, and comfortable. They do many different tasks of the pedicure and can efficiently, effectively, and safely reduce tough calluses quickly in larger areas of the foot, yet exfoliate in very tight areas near nail grooves, the tips of the toes, and other small areas. 


What are the major differences between the European Pedicure and other pedicures?


Traditional large pedicure foot files and paddles have broad surfaces that may come in contact with supple, healthy areas that may not need exfoliation. A Euro Pedi does not use a broad foot file—it uses small surfaced bits to exfoliate precise areas of the foot. This style of pedicure also does not use the more traditional cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers, or block buffers.  Instead, it uses bits that can easily be sterilized after each use. 


General Questions

What is a Podologist?

More widely known in Europe and Canada, a Podologist is someone who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Podology (Foot Care Science). 


A Podologist recognizes and manages the care of different skin and nail disorders, and recommends products or services that will help in aiding each client’s problem. He or she has completed numerous

case studies under the supervision of doctors, and has specialized experience in taking care of the feet.  A Podologist also has a concentration in foot care for the special needs of those with diabetes, cancer, neuropathy, and circulation issues as well as expectant

mothers and the elderly.


A Podologist also refers clients to the medical community, for example, a Podiatrist, Dermatologist, Pedorthist, Chiropractor, or other specialist. 


If I have medical issues with my feet, when can I let Donald know about them?

Please click on NEW CLIENT INTAKE FORM to provide us with all your pertinent health care information prior to your first visit.  We offer a complete consultation at the beginning of your appointment and ask questions to determine the best, customized, most comprehensive and appropriate pedicure practices.



May I bring my own polish for a special occasion for application?

Certainly. We will advise you if your polish may be inadequate or past its date of effectiveness.  The results of our signature nail lacquers provide a greater guarantee for successful wearability.  

May I bring my own implements for my service?

We use an auto-clave sterilizer for all implements, so there is no need to bring your own tools.

Is this location wheel chair accessible?

Yes, our facility is easily wheel chair accessible.  Clients may park in the explicitly marked areas in the front of the building and take the elevator just inside the entrance doorway.

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European Pedicure, Pedicure, Manicure, Rochester, Rochester Pedicure, Rochester manicure, Rochester NY pedicure, Rochester NY manicure

How long will my appointment last? 

Generally speaking, most pedicures last 50 minutes, but please allow for some additional time to dry your nail polish up to 15 minutes after the service.


The 5 Element Signature Pedicure lasts 80 minutes because of the extra time and care needed for the two masks and the use of multiple hot basalt lava stones and extended massage.

May I come early to my appointment?

Yes!  Clients are encouraged to come ten minutes before the scheduled time to allow the relaxation to begin prior to the appointment.  Free internet access is available.  

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Please cancel your appointment within 24 hours to avoid a full price fee.

Might there be other pedicures going on during my appointment?

Yes, but all services are in separate treatment rooms.

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