Hand Care Services

Signature Manicure for Men and Women (50 minutes) -$45

This aromatic and therapeutic treatment for the hands starts with trimming and professional shaping of the nails, and softening and exfoliating of the cuticles. Next, hands are exfoliated with our highly effective polished pumice or sugar scrubs, and then rinsed with our copper water vessels and hot towels.  Next, the hands and arms are massaged with hydrating moisturizers for greater relaxation. Finally, nails are polished to perfection with many choices of nail lacquer colors. For men, we provide a three times nail buffing to a natural shine.

Your hands will be soothed, comforted, and camera ready in just 50 minutes. This manicure promises to rejuvenate the hands like never before.

Signature Manicure with Gel Polish Application (50 minutes) -$50

This service begins with nail trimming and filing, softening and exfoliating of the cuticles, and light buffing of the nails. Nails are covered with a long-lasting gel polish coating that uses a hybrid nail polish technology. Nail polish is cured under an LED light, leaving them dry and ready for any activity immediately after the final coat, which makes smudging a thing of the past.


After nails are polished, you receive a tension-relieving light massage with polished pumice or sugar scrub, then rinsed using our ionic copper vessels and hot towels.  Then, a hydration lotion is massaged into your skin. Oil is then applied to the nails to provide nourishment to your cuticles. Your hands will be soothed, comforted, and polished with a spectacular long-wearing shiny gel polish.



Gel Polish Safe Removal (25 minutes) - $40

This service includes professional chemical-free removal of all gel polish product from nails. Nail strengthener and hydrating lotion is applied, and nails are buffed to a natural shine.

Manicure for Men (25 minutes) - $40

This session includes a traditional manicure that includes a “buff-to-shine” without the application of nail polish. In this manicure, cuticles receive extra attention, and hand and arm massage is included.



Paraffin Hand Therapy (25 minutes) - $17

This service includes light exfoliation and advanced hydration moisturizing using therapeutic paraffin wax. This may be included as an option in any manicure.

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French Polish (by request) - Additional $5

This service can be included as an option on fingernails or toenails.



Nail Art

Prices vary depending upon the design. During your consult, we discuss a mutually agreed-upon fee prior to performing the creative service.

“He is meticulous and I absolutely trust him."

– J. Irwin  

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