Foot Care Services

Using guidelines developed internationally, each foot care session begins with a soothing soak of callus softeners with essential essences of lavender. We are dedicated to customizing our pedicures, so services below vary in the types of scrubs, moisturizers, lotions, podology tools, techniques, and methods used. There are no cookie cutter services here!  We tailor each pedicure to each client.


First, nails are trimmed, shaped and filed. Then, cuticles are exfoliated and nails are buffed to perfection. Next, feet are exfoliated with our highly effective diabetic safe Seaweed Scrub loaded with detoxifying organic laminaria algae, antioxidant-rich spirulina and essential oils of mandarin orange, basil, and spearmint. Then, using an advanced pediceutical skin softening agent and two additional specialized exfoliation tools, your skin is transformed into healthy moisturized skin with a reduction of calluses and removal of dry skin. Lastly, you receive a tension-relieving foot and leg massage using a hydrating pediceutical formulas that are designed to work with the skin on the feet. Massage includes some ancient reflexology movements that produce the most relaxing experience. To add variety, our essential oil blends change each  month.

Massage firmness and callus reduction are adjusted based upon inspection and consultation.

Signature European-Style Pedicure “EuroPedi” (50 minutes) - $75

This German Podology pedicure includes all of the services mentioned above. Your nails will be buffed to a natural shine or polished to perfection with your choice of nail lacquer color.

Gentleman’s Pedicure (50 minutes) -


This session includes a European-style pedicure, customized to the specific needs of the masculine feet.

Paraffin Hydration Mask Therapy (25 minutes) -


This service includes light exfoliation and advanced hydration moisturizing using therapeutic paraffin wax. It may be included as an option in any pedicure.

It’s so much more than just a pedicure, and I am grateful for the care that Donald gives them.

S. Van Vreede

Five Elements Luxury Hot Stone Pedicure (80 minutes) -


This session begins with a soothing soak and ends with warmed Basalt Lava Rocks massaged on your feet and legs. After a European Style Pedicure, feet are also detoxified with an earthen clay mask and removed with a hot towel service. Lastly, a paraffin wax mask is applied to the feet for ultra hydration.


Nails can be buffed to a natural shine or polished to perfection with many choices of nail lacquer colors.

“Donald’s extensive knowledge about diabetic foot care and diabetes was phenomenal.”

- R. Marron

Specialty Foot Care Services

Intensive Therapeutic Foot Care Initial Evaluation Session

(60 Minutes) -


This service includes a safe, customized, and effective pedicure designed for the special needs of those with diabetes, cancer, neuropathy, and circulation issues as well as expectant mothers and the elderly. All implements and podology tools are safe and sterilized prior to each use. After checking the body’s natural moisture factor on the feet with a hydrometer, arch tendencies as well as skin and nail disorders are assessed. Education and reinforcement of home care for a future of healthy skin and nails is included; digital photos are available for tracking progress.



Podology Care Pedicure (60 minutes) -


This service includes a complete foot evaluation with respect to gait analysis, stance, functional foot evaluation, arch and structural assessment, and skin and nail assessment. A comprehensive and restorative pedicure using European methodology is performed, with a focus on home care and health strategies for success. Optional digital photos are available for tracking progress.

Ingrown Toenail Correction (30 minutes) -

$55-Single Nail, $95--Two Nails

This non-invasive method utilizes the unique BS Nail Bracing System from Germany. The procedure removes pain caused by an ingrown nail, and ensures proper future nail growth. Polish can be applied directly after, if desired. To ensure complete success of the nail brace, appointments must be performed prior to the pedicure service.

Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (PACK) Nail Fungus Treatment (Four 30-minute Sessions) -


Photodynamic antimicrobial therapy combats infection with a series of sessions. This is a non-invasive technique and does not involve any internal medications. Results are experienced after just one session; four sessions complete the therapy process in most cases.

Leading-edge technology from Australia includes a technique used to eliminate onychomycosis (nail fungus) from toenails. Using a catalyst gel containing specific stains (tolonium chloride), microorganisms become sensitive to light. Then light from a high-powered LED (630nM) is applied, and once the cell walls have been destroyed, the fungi, bacteria, and viruses die off.  Session includes first month's home care nail tincture.

“I always leave with a smile on my face, a new piece of knowledge to ponder and best of all, HAPPY FEET!"

L. VerPlank

“NO MORE PAIN!!! Thank you Donald!”

- J. Hays-Beske

“He is simply the best.”

- G.J. Liders

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